Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ron Paul Back On Top

New Winner in June Straw Poll!

Congratulations to 2012 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul who has won the June & Presidential Straw Poll! This is the second time since January that Ron Paul has won the Straw Poll. He also saw the biggest jump in support this month at 5.8%. In fact, he was one of only four candidates who gained ground this month: Sarah Palin (+4.1%), Michele Bachmann (+5.3%) and Rick Perry (+3.4%). Not surprisingly, those candidates received the most buzz in the media this month. Herman Cain, the May Straw Poll Winner, received the biggest drop in support at -6.6%. Has the Hermanator's support peaked? Is Sarah Palin making a comeback in anticipation of a possible presidential announcement? Are new faces Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry beginning to gain momentum?   Regardless, Ron Paul has taken a firm lead without question. Ron Paul is fast becoming the #1 Presidential Choice among Republicans, Democrats and Independents as more and more American's discover the "Constitution Candidate" and the powerful Ron Paul Revolution.