Thursday, September 11, 2014

Choice America Network Protests the FCC's "Open Internet" Proposal

PLEASE NOTE: We have shut down the main CHOICE AMERICA NETWORK website to PROTEST the FCC's "Open Internet" proposal and call for stronger protections for net neutrality. 

It's our Internet. We made it, and it has remade us, changing the way we communicate, learn, share and create. We want the Internet to continue to live up to its promise, fostering innovation, creativity and freedom. We don't want regulations that will turn our ISPs into gatekeepers, making special deals with the few companies that can "pay to play" and inhibiting new competition, innovation and expression.

With support from digital rights organizations like Fight For The Future, Demand Progress, EFF and more, as well as Internet companies like Etsy, reddit, Mozilla, and Netflix. People are calling the FCC and leaving online comments in huge numbers: at points, up to 1000 phone calls a minute. It's never too late to take part and make sure your voice gets heard! Visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation website:  - or call the FCC at 1-888-225-5322. 

Choice America Network shall return ONLINE on Wednesday, October 1st.  This Choice America Network Blog shall remain online.  

As always,..

The Choice is Yours.